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Len and I received an emailed question from a Blog reader last week regarding an elderly relative in assisted living. This person asked a really good question (as we recall) and ended with “Help!”. We would love to try, but the email was deleted before we could respond on the Blog site. Who ever submitted this […]

From “Frustrated Daughter”

Dear Cliff and Len: My parents are in their mid sixties and seem intent on spending their retirement in front of the TV. They have few hobbies, rarely volunteer their time in the community, and shy aware from any occasions that will cause them to break with their stay-at-home routine. Neither have a regular exercise […]

Aging. It happens to everybody.

Aging. It happens to everybody. Kids want to speed it up; adults want to slow it down. And if a person is fortunate enough to age a long time, old age creates challenges. Aging brings challenges not only for the older adult, but often for those who love them. It can be hard to find […]