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My 75 year old aunt is very fearful about developing dementia because her father developed Alzheimer’s in his late seventies.  She is energetic, very engaged in her community, stays physically active, and eats a healthy plant-based diet.  She is an avid reader and pays close attention to research about maintaining brain health.  To me, her […]

“Somewhat Shy”

I am in my 60’s and would really like to start dating again. I have been single/divorced for many years.I am confident professionally, but somewhat shy socially.  I don’t even know how to flirt to get started.What are your thoughts on online dating services to find a mate? Dear “Somewhat Shy”: This is Len. I […]


My father recently went into the VA Skilled Unit because he had been hospitalized for forgetting to take his insulin and heart medicine.  My father is 94 years old, has lived alone and taken care of himself for many years, he is incredibly healthy even though he has a heart condition.  His memory is failing. […]