Monthly Archives: August 2014

Who Will Help Those Who Don’t Have Children?

My husband and I did not have kids. Our siblings all have children. We have saved and expect to be comfortable in our retirement. I am presently retired and my husband will retire in about 2 years. We look forward to traveling and enjoying life. We recently met a similar couple who asked what our […]

The Value of Memories and Nostalgia

Exploring Our Memories in Later Life Cliff took the month off so I’m going solo. That gives me a chance to mix it up on the subject of memory and aging. Rather than talking about the symptoms of memory loss, which so many of us are inclined to do and worry about given the widespread […]

Sex and Intimacy in Later Life

Sex and Intimacy in Later Life Hello, Cliff here: You probably think you know a lot about sexuality in old age. Here’s the list of what I think you think you know: People lose interest in sex as they age. Men have less frequent and less rigid erections. Post-menopausal women have vaginal dryness that makes […]