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Dr. Lenard W. Kaye is Professor of Social Work at the University of Maine School of Social Work and Director of the UMaine Center on Aging.

The Value of Memories and Nostalgia

Exploring Our Memories in Later Life Cliff took the month off so I’m going solo. That gives me a chance to mix it up on the subject of memory and aging. Rather than talking about the symptoms of memory loss, which so many of us are inclined to do and worry about given the widespread […]

Sex and Intimacy in Later Life

Sex and Intimacy in Later Life Hello, Cliff here: You probably think you know a lot about sexuality in old age. Here’s the list of what I think you think you know: People lose interest in sex as they age. Men have less frequent and less rigid erections. Post-menopausal women have vaginal dryness that makes […]

When People Stash Instead of Trash

We didn’t receive any questions from readers this month, so we’ve decided to write on a topic of our own choice……hoarding. Surprisingly, one of the most vexing problems that health officials and aging service workers face is hoarding……….people who allow clutter to accumulate to the point where their homes become uninhabitable or even dangerous fire […]

To Retire or Not to Retire – That is the Question

To Retire or Not to Retire – That is the Question It seems like more and more of our relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues are stepping forward and announcing their leap into retirement. Heck, even the thought enters our minds on occasion – especially after an especially stressful, frustrating or aggravating day on the job. […]

“My Mother, My Idol”

Len: Dear “My Mother, my idol”……….. Your story is such a touching one and so beautifully told. Thank you for sharing it. My guess is that you have been and continue to be a wonderful child. Listen to Cliff’s advice in terms of having your mother receive a thorough assessment from a qualified specialist. Information […]


My 75 year old aunt is very fearful about developing dementia because her father developed Alzheimer’s in his late seventies.  She is energetic, very engaged in her community, stays physically active, and eats a healthy plant-based diet.  She is an avid reader and pays close attention to research about maintaining brain health.  To me, her […]

“Somewhat Shy”

I am in my 60’s and would really like to start dating again. I have been single/divorced for many years.I am confident professionally, but somewhat shy socially.  I don’t even know how to flirt to get started.What are your thoughts on online dating services to find a mate? Dear “Somewhat Shy”: This is Len. I […]

Aging. It happens to everybody.

Aging. It happens to everybody. Kids want to speed it up; adults want to slow it down. And if a person is fortunate enough to age a long time, old age creates challenges. Aging brings challenges not only for the older adult, but often for those who love them. It can be hard to find […]